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Ứng dụng bởi:
Max Inferno
Phiên bản:
v0.2.12 cho Android
Cập nhật vào:
Thg11 26, 2022
Kích thước:
153 MB
Yêu cầu Android:
Android 5.0 +

A Little To The Left Apk - In the relaxing puzzle game A Little to the Left, players must arrange various home objects in an aesthetically acceptable manner while keeping an eye out for a naughty cat with an affinity for mayhem. This puzzle game is both fun and easy to get the hang of, and it has over seventy-five different messes to clean up.

What is A Little To The Left Apk?

A Little to the Left is a neat puzzle game about reorganizing your home after a naughty cat has messed things up.

  • Challenges disguised as commonplace items.
  • Designs with several answers are more rewarding and easy to understand.
  • Every day, The Daily Tidy Delivery sends you a new, original puzzle.
  • This is the ideal game for individuals who like casual puzzle games and who experience a surge of pleasure from a clean and tidy environment.

In what direction should the clock's hands be pointing? The question now is how to best arrange the eggs. This apple is covered with stickers—who did that? Come relax in a tranquil environment where there are puzzles to solve and secrets to uncover. A Little to the Left is a rewarding and inquisitive puzzle book full of 75+ intriguing problems to find, all accompanied by gorgeous graphics and unusual settings. Be on the lookout for an unpredictable cat with a penchant for mayhem!

Finally, I'd like to introduce you to... Your Daily Tidy Supply! A new puzzle, including a special twist on one of our favorites, will be sent to you every day as part of the Daily Tidy. As a bonus, you can unlock cool badges by playing! Wish it were as satisfying to clean up in the real world.

A Little To The Left Apk Features:

  • Hundreds of different logic problems.
  • Enjoyable gameplay may be had in a short amount of time because of the easily solved problems.
  • Simple controls based on dragging and dropping.
  • Every day, you'll get a new puzzle that was made just for you. Distribution of Clean Clothes Every Day
  • Alternatives abound.
  • endearing cartoon.
  • Ambient music production.
  • The cat is naughty, yet adorable.
  • Innocently amusing, it's fun for kids of all ages.

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