Zombie Tsunami APK By Mobigame Sas

Zombie Tsunami APK By Mobigame Sas v4.5.128 Free İndir 2024

App By:
Mobigame SAS
v4.5.128 Android için
Tarihinde güncellendi:
Ara 04, 2023
69.6 MB
Gerekli Android:
Android 5.0 +
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Stay alive in Zombie Tsunami, where there are huge chasms, strong bombs, and streets full of tanks!

You need to control these cute zombies to keep people and other things safe.

  • It's simple: get as many coins as you can, and you'll get more power.
  • "One touch" gameplay: simple, idle game settings and a cartoonish look.
  • Be careful around zombies. Zombies will destroy everything, so it's important to stay in charge.​

About Zombie Tsunami APK

It's an endless running game where you have to direct a group of zombies and make them keep running. But you should know that the number of zombies you have changes based on how many people they eat.

Start with a single zombie running through the streets. Go after live people and add them to your group of zombies. It takes longer for the Zombie Tsunami to spread across the world and eat everything in its path the more people you bite and add to your group.

But you also have to stay away from many things that could get in your way, like cars, buses, and so on. You must make sure how many zombies are in your group.

As the Zombie Tsunami gets going, you can eat more than just brains. Eat the power-ups and bonuses to summon the Giant Zombie, which has many eyes that shoot lasers, sneak around towns like a Ninja from the Netherworld, or use the UFO to make copies of your zombie army.

Yes, Zombies Tsunami is a really unique endless running game with 300 different jobs that make it a lot of fun. As expected, the game's beautiful style and perfect graphics are also big draws for players.

Zombie Tsunami is a party game that can be played in less than 30 minutes by 3 to 6 people. In the game, each person is in charge of a large group of zombies that attack the city. To win the game, they will have to work together and sometimes lie to each other. Sure to make you laugh!

Playing the game

People who play Zombie Tsunami manage a group of zombies by swiping their finger across the screen. The goal is to get as many people as possible infected so that there are a lot of zombies. Along the way, players can also pick up power-ups like speed boosts and bonuses that will help them get higher scores.

Features of Zombie Tsunami Apk

  • Controlling the whole crowd with "one touch" gameplay.
  • 10 crazy extras, including ninjas, dragons, UFOs, and a lot more.
  • A lot of changes to make.
  • Care for dead birds and use their abilities.
  • You can eat more than 300 tasks.
  • 11 sets to go on trips in.
  • Made to work best with all Android models.

You can eat your friends and race them by ruining everything in your way. You will never be sorry if you download Zombies Tsunami.

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People of all ages can enjoy and become hooked on Zombie Tsunami, a fun and addicting mobile game. It's fun and exciting for hours thanks to its endless gameplay, upgrades, multiplayer support, awards, and leaderboards. Zumbie Tsunami is a fun mobile game that will keep you busy for hours, whether you like zombies or are just looking for something fun to do.

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