SOBAT BPS APK v1.5.2 Free İndir 2024

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Ara 04, 2023
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Android 5.0 +
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Officers and people who want to become BPS partner officers all over Indonesia use the SOBAT BPS program.

SOBAT BPS APK is an app for Android that was made just for the Indonesian National Police. There are many features and functions in the app that can help law enforcement organizations work more efficiently and effectively.

Features of SOBAT BPS APK:

Communication in real-time: 

SOBAT BPS APK lets police officers and officers talk to each other in real time. Officers can send important documents right away, like incident records, descriptions of suspects, and statements from witnesses.

Database of Criminals: 

The app gives police officers access to a large collection of criminal information, making it easy to find and share information. This database has information about suspects, like their crime records, mugshots, and personal details.

How to Report Crime: 

The SOBAT BPS APK app makes it easy for people to report crimes. People can report crimes by giving thorough descriptions, photos or videos, and the address of the crime scene. The app also has an emergency tool that lets you report important events right away.

Investigation in the Field: 

The app has many useful features for investigating in the field, such as the ability to take notes, record audio and video, and find your exact position using GPS. Through the app, police can take pictures of evidence, write down notes about crime scenes, and record comments from witnesses.

In charge of events: 

SOBAT BPS APK helps police departments handle events and crimes more effectively. Officers can plan events, give team members work, and see how things are going in real-time. The app also sends notifications and changes in real-time to make sure that everything works together smoothly.


The Indonesian National Police can do more with the help of SOBAT BPS APK, a powerful tool. It's an important tool for law enforcement because it lets them communicate in real-time, access criminal databases, report crimes, do field investigations, and organize events.

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