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Ara 04, 2023
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Find out which speed cameras are stationary, movable, or at traffic lights!

Radares Fijos Y Móviles Pro APK - Always be aware of the radars surrounding you. You can see speed cameras along the way and get real-time notifications while you're driving. You can get real-time information from other users on traffic, police, accidents, and other topics by using this program.

Why Use Both Mobile and Fixed Radars?

  • Map: Find every fixed, mobile, traffic signal, and other type of speed camera.
  • Routes: See the route on the map and locate any speed traps that may be there.
  • Widget - Utilize the app while the phone is locked in the background.
  • Speedometer: Get alerts when your speed goes beyond the radar limit.
  • Application integration - Connect the program to third-party browsers.
  • Android Auto: Compatibility with Android Auto.
  • Wear OS compatibility: Get notifications about speed cameras on your Android watch that support Wear OS.
  • You have the option to report and vote on speed cameras, as well as vote for other people's speed cameras.
  • Broad coverage: 42 nations are supported by our application and have radars available.

The term "fixed and mobile radars" refers to a map that shows us every fixed and mobile radar in the nation. The two databases that the application uses are separate ones. A fixed radar database will be available, as well as a user-created database that incorporates mobile radars.

The number of nations with both mobile and fixed radar coverage is enormous. The United States, among many others, is listed, along with Spain, Italy, Romania, Portugal, Belgium, Andorra, Algeria, India, Malaysia, Japan, Kuwait, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, and Taiwan.

The application itself allows us to specify our path. In this manner, we can quickly determine the number of speed cameras we will come across and adjust our course of action accordingly. The app will also alert us when we approach a radar when we are in "car mode."

For users who travel frequently, fixed and mobile radars is an extremely helpful tool because it allows them to control every radar they encounter while traveling.

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