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Angkas Biker New APK v1.0.185 Free İndir 2024

v1.0.185 Android için
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Ara 04, 2023
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Android 5.0 +
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This is a place where authorized Angkas Bikers can find people to ride with them.

In the Philippines, Angkas Biker New APK is an app for calling for a motorbike ride. Both riders and cars can use it as an easy and safe way to get around. There are many tools in the app that make riding easier and faster.

Features of Angkas Biker (New Update)

Simple to Book:

It only takes a few taps on the app to book a ride. They can pick where they want to go, pick a driver, and see where their ride is at all times.

Checked Drivers:

Angkas cares about the safety of its riders. All drivers are carefully checked out and screened to make sure that riders are safe.

Following GPS:

The app has a GPS system built in so riders can keep track of their progress in real-time. Riders can see where their driver is, how fast they are going, and when they think they will arrive.

Communication in real-time:

Through the app's messaging option, riders can talk to their driver directly. They can give and receive more information or ask for specific routes or stops.

How to Rate and Review:

Angkas wants riders to give comments. Riders can rate and write reviews about both cars and other riders. With this method, Angkas can keep an eye on the quality of its services and get better over time.

Features for safety:

Angkas has added a number of safety measures to make sure riders are safe. These include helmets for all users, an emergency panic button, and a team of people whose only job is to help customers.


Angkas Biker New Version has changed how people get around in the Philippines. It gives riders a safe and easy way to get around thanks to its user-friendly layout, verified drivers, and safety features. Get a reliable and easy ride with Angkas Biker New APK, whether you're going to work, running chores, or exploring the city.

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