Kuroko No Basket Street Rivals APK

Kuroko No Basket Street Rivals APK v1.0 Free download 2024

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v1.0 For Android
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wrz 22, 2023
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Android 5.0 +
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The main fight will take place on the street! Here is where the reunion of wonders starts.

"Kuroko's Basketball Street Rivals" is the official first new 3D basketball battle smartphone game based on the "Kuroko's Basketball" anime. This work is a faithful copy of the world of the anime "Kuroko's Basketball." Players can learn many characters, such as "Tetsuya Kuroko" and "Taiga Kagami," and the anime's bright basketball game is made to look real. You can try it out. It also has different game types and brings back the excitement of "Kuroko's Basketball"!

What is Kuroko No Basket Street Rivals APK?

"Kuroko's Basketball" is a shounen manga about high school basketball drawn by Tadatoshi Fujimaki. It is a very famous work both in Japan and abroad.

Comics have been sold more than 31 million times in total.

Also, "Weekly Shonen Jump" No. 43, which came out on October 3, 2011, said that the anime work would be a TV cartoon. The first season would run from April to September 2012, and the second season would run from October 2013 to 2014. The second segment aired in March, and the third segment ran from January to June 2015.

Online fights that are on fire in real-time

Show off your basketball skills against people from all over the land.

"Generation of Miracles" members are back on the street.

Players from each high school will show up and copy the original work's powerful special moves.

Put in place a lot of roles

Build up the skills and abilities of your player and play against your best characters.

"Lots of stuff"

We have set up a lot of different mini-games in addition to basketball games, such as 3v3, training, free games, and more.

Newly drawn outfits are used in a special way.

Many of the characters' outfits were made from scratch just for this work.

Story mode, where you can play through the first story again

Let's listen to that sad story again.

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