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v1.0 voor Android
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okt 02, 2023
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Android 5.0 +
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What is Burlington English APK?

It's a one-of-a-kind school for adults that combines different types of English. It has both in-depth General English Courses and a wide range of Career Courses, making it a full way to learn a language. Students can access cutting-edge online classes at any time and from anywhere.

The SpeechTrainer®, Burlington's cutting-edge speech technology, gives each person personalized feedback and guidance on how to pronounce words.

Students can improve their general fluency, pronunciation, and vocabulary with Burlington English. This gives them the confidence to speak well in any setting.

Unique Features of Burlington English APK:

Speech Coach

Individualized Help and Feedback on Pronunciation

This unique speech-processing technology helps students get better at listening and pronouncing words. When a student speaks English, the SpeechTrainer® listens, changes to different voices to find specific problems, and corrects mispronunciations through personalized training. This will help students get better at pronouncing words, understanding what they hear, and having the courage to speak English well.

Mobile Practice for Vocabulary

Anytime, anywhere, you can work on your vocabulary!

Mobile Vocabulary Practice lets students practice their words while they're on the go. Wordlists for classes can be accessed by students at any time and from anywhere to help them learn the language better.

How to Use Your Computer?

A set of short animated movies help students learn basic digital literacy skills, like how to use the keyboard and move the mouse, and get a feel for how computers work. It is made for people who don't know much about computers or English, and it uses simple pictures to make things clear.

Personalized learning based on data!

Giving students feedback and reports in real-time to track, monitor, and measure their progress is a great way to support and motivate them to learn.

And a lot more cool and unique things!!!

English language learners will enjoy this results-driven program that they can access online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It helps them become more useful and successful in their neighborhoods and the workplace.

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