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Microbit Makecode APK v2.8.8 Free Scaricare 2024

v2.8.8 per Android
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ott 10, 2023
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Microbit Makecode APK - The main app for micro: bit lets you be creative, code, and connect.

The best parts:

  • Make games on your phone, then "flash" them to your micro:bit to play. You don't need any wires or cords.
  • If you connect your phone or computer, you can take a selfie and use your micro:bit as a remote control.
  • You can now program your micro:bit to wake up and let you know when you have a call or text. You'll never miss a call or text again.

What does the app do?

You can look into four areas:

Discover takes you to the main website, where other micro:bit fans have posted code ideas. You can try a lot of cool things.

You can use the micro:bit MakeCode interface with Create Code. You can also change code that you've already written.

You can connect your phone or computer to your micro:bit by going to Connect. Select the gadget you want to safely pair with your phone via Bluetooth.

Send a program from your phone or tablet to Flash to see it on your micro:bit. That's where the fun starts!

Right to do:

read phone status and identity—This permission lets the micro:bit read the phone's basic data. The micro:bit can have code written on it that responds to these different states, such as when the screen is on or off or when a call or SMS message comes in.

get text messages (SMS)—The micro:bit can respond to different things that happen on the phone, and the phone can respond to things that happen on the micro:bit. With this permission, the person can tell the micro:bit what to do when they get an SMS message. The details and contents of the letter are not used or saved by the app.

picture or video: The micro:bit can be programmed to send events to the phone that make the camera work or allow the user to take a picture or video.

estimate location (based on the network): The app needs to find the micro:bit and connect to it via Bluetooth low energy. The general location service is needed to look for Bluetooth low-energy devices.

It is possible to read, change, or delete the contents of your USB storage. The program will save scripts, photos, and any other content you upload to your USB storage. It's important that the app can read, write, and delete these files.

Full network access and showing Wi-Fi networks—The app needs to be able to connect to the internet in order to connect to the micro:bit website and download code samples, use the code tools and send information about how the app is being used.

change Bluetooth settings and connect to Bluetooth devices—The app can find the micro:bit, pair it with a device, and connect to it over safe Bluetooth.

draw over other apps—The user can set up the micro:bit to send messages to the phone or help them find it.

You can turn on and off the flashlight, set the phone to vibrate, and keep it from sleeping. This permission lets you send a visual cue that a picture or video is being taken, make the phone shake, and keep it from sleeping while it flashes your micro:bit.

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