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v1.2.1 for Android
Updated On:
Oct 15, 2022
69.6 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0 +

The Binding Of Isaac Apk - For fans of pixel graphics, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is an arcade platformer with a horror atmosphere. The creators of this edition have included a lot of new features.

Rebirth in relation to the Binding of Isaac

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is the pinnacle of remakes thanks to its brand-new, very effective game engine, brand-new, hand-drawn pixel graphics, flawless visual effects, and brand-new audio and music by the seductive Ridiculon combo of Matthias Bossi and Jon Evans. Oh, and the series' creator, Edmund McMillen, also tweaked and redesigned countless numbers of designs. Have we brought up the poop?

Isaac, a little child, is the toy's primary character. His mother is insane. She resolved to sacrifice her kid in order to burn all of his sins along with him since she saw in him all that was evil that existed on earth. The boy's only chance of escaping was via a floor hatch, where he was able to get away from his heartbroken mother. Isaac walked inside the enigmatic dungeon via a hole on the floor. Backtracking is not an option. The young guy embarks on a series of perilous experiences after deciding to visit a mystery location.

The user will have a specified task to do at each stage. The player may unlock a new character after they have finished it and killed the area's boss. This hero will aid the child in figuring out puzzles.

The Binding Of Isaac Apk Features:

  • Innovative musical score
  • Various responsibilities and missions.
  • Unusual characters that you may converse with while playing the game
  • Everywhere you turn, traps and creatures are waiting.


The Binding of Isaac is a heavily rogue-like action RPG shooter with randomly generated levels. Players who follow Isaac on his adventure will discover strange artifacts that alter Isaac's body and provide him with superhuman skills, allowing him to fend against hordes of enigmatic monsters, uncover mysteries, and battle his way to safety.

The Binding Of Isaac Apk Key Features:

  • 500+ hours of gaming time.
  • 20 Challenge iterations.
  • 450+ goods, 160 additional unlockables included.
  • Popular control pads have integrated controller support!
  • analog speed and direction of motion.
  • Lots of animated epilogues of feature-film caliber.
  • More than 100 specialty seeds
  • local two-player co-op (MFi Controller required)
  • 100+ cooperative characters
  • Art direction, visual effects, and dynamic lighting
  • 60FPS on demand, brand-new game engine
  • Brand-new sound design and music
  • Several save slots
  • Fucking physics!
  • The pinnacle of roguelikes.
  • A number of successes.