NCT Zone APK v1.0.0 Free Download 2024

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TakeOne Company
v1.0.0 for Android
Updated On:
Feb 21, 2024
234.5 MB
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Android 5.0 +
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Join forces with your most beloved NCT member to clear KWANGYA of nightmares and bring NEOZONE back! You'll hear a variety of entertaining and thrilling tales from each member along the way. Your relationship with the members will deepen as you cleanse the nightmares!

Fans of South Korean boy band NCT can access exclusive content and features by downloading NCT Zone APK, an Android application developed by NCT Entertainment. The NCT Zone APK allows fans to keep up with NCT news and events, interact with fellow fans, and enjoy a variety of interactive features.

My top NCT participant

  • Select your preferred NCT member and start exploring NCT ZONE. You'll be able to access game goodies as you grow your selected bias. Additionally, you can engage with them via the lobby screen to observe their responses.
  • Through interactions and gifts, strengthen your friendship with the members in the members' room. By looking through various content, you'll also have the opportunity to gather your bias's unusual selfie photocards!

Premium Photocards

  • Visit the NCT ZONE if you're interested in learning more about the unique, never-before-seen concepts of NCT members.
  • Gather all of the members' enticing photocards and purify every nightmare in KWANGYA.


  • Whoa, are you guys CCOMAZ?
  • In NEOZONE, you are able to create a wide range of things that are required to help members flourish and cleanse nightmares!
  • Construct charming structures and dress up the participants in different ensembles!
  • Gather CCOMAZ and get them to dance as a group!
  • Adorn NEOZONE according to your style! The members' activities vary based on the building!

A Dream Within a Dream

  • NCT ZONE's Dream in a Dream is a mysterious realm where you can investigate NCT members' dreams.
  • You will be able to experience a variety of episodes with the members in these dreams.
  • What kind of narrative would you like to tell using your bias?
  • Create unique narratives with the participants by making individual decisions in the Dream in a Dream!

Information about subscribing

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  • Subscription products take effect immediately upon purchase and remain in effect throughout the subscription period, even if you do not log into the game.


In addition to staying connected to NCT, NCT Zone APK allows fans to engage with others and access exclusive content. NCT Zone APK provides NCT enthusiasts with a seamless and enjoyable experience thanks to its user-friendly interface and many features. Any NCT fan will appreciate NCT Zone APK, no matter how casual or dedicated they are.

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