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v0.1 for Android
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Sep 15, 2023
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Android 5.0 +

Milli Piyango APK - With the National Lottery Games of Chance app, you can buy National Lottery tickets whenever and wherever you want. You can also play Numerical Lotto, Super Lotto, and more than 15 Scratch Card games to have fun and increase your chances of winning.

About Milli Piyango APK

The Milli Piyango APK app lets people take part in the Turkish National Lottery from their phones. This APK is made to make buying lottery tickets and checking the results easy and quick.

With the Milli Piyango APK, users can easily check the current lottery draws, see the winning numbers, and see if they have won a prize. The app lets users know about future draws and gives them updates in real-time so that they never miss a chance to play the lottery.

One of the best things about the Milli Piyango APK is that you can buy lottery tickets from the app itself. Users can choose which lottery game they want to play, pick their numbers, and finish the buy without leaving the app. This means that users don't have to go to a real lottery store, which saves them time and effort.

The Milli Piyango APK has a lot of helpful features in addition to being able to buy passes. Users can learn about the different types of lottery games, such as standard number lotteries, instant win games, and special draws. The app also tells users how likely they are to win and how much the prize is for each game. This helps them make better choices.

The Milli Piyango APK is regularly updated with new features and changes to make sure everything works smoothly. The makers work to improve the application's speed, stability, and safety so that users have a safe place to play the Turkish National Lottery.

With QR Code Reader, you can find out your earnings right away!

There is now a draw for the National Lottery every day of the week. You can find out the results of the National Lottery, Crazy Numerical Lotto, Super Lotto, Ten Numbers, and Lucky Ball draws right away by entering your ticket number or scanning the QR code on the front of your ticket to the Controller in your app. You can now win even more with the biggest jackpots Turkey has ever had.

For the first time in Turkey, the National Lottery Games of Chance app has instant-win Scratch Card games.

Play 15 new online Scratch Card games and win right away. Every month, we'll add two or three more games. Now that games have different themes and ways to play, it's possible for everyone to find a game they like. Get the app now and start playing to win one of the Prizes, which are worth up to 1.2 million TL.

How has the National Lottery changed?

You can look up the results of the National Lottery online—just click!

The National Lottery has a drawing every day of the week. You can watch our draws live on Milli Piyango TV or enter your ticket number on the results page to see if your ticket won the jackpot.

Join the Lotto Craze, will you?

Numerical Lotto is even crazier now that the jackpot is expected to hit 325 Million TL soon. With its new winning category, where only 2 guessers will win, Numerical Lotto is now able to give more gifts to more people. You can download the National Lottery app or sign up at to play the Crazy Numerical Lotto online.

Scratch Card is now online!

Now you can play Scratch Cards online and win right away! There is a Scratch Card game for everyone, with different themes and ways to play. Every month, a new set of games is added to the Scratch Card.


Overall, the Milli Piyango APK is a useful tool for anyone who wants to play the Turkish National Lottery. It makes it easy and handy to buy lottery tickets, check the results, and find out about the latest drawings. This APK is a must-have for anyone who likes lotteries, no matter how long they've been around or how new they are.

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