Sword Art Online Vs Apk APK

Sword Art Online Vs Apk Скачать для Android

App By:
Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.
v0.1.0.b4 для Android
сен 23, 2022
113 MB
Требуется Android:
Android 5.0 +

Sword Art Online Vs Apk - The new smartphone game Sword Art Online Variant Showdown is now available to celebrate 10 years of the SAO series!

Kirito and his buddies decide to look into a new game called Cross Edge after learning that it is allegedly causing memory loss in some of its users.

But when they play Cross Edge, a shady figure surprises them!

Take part in fierce 3D combat as Kirito and Asuna, two anime characters that you may control!

Do you possess the necessary skills to overcome formidable bosses like The Gleam Eyes?

Sword Art Online Vs Apk Features:

Unique Battle System Sao

To defeat cruel enemies, use character-specific Sword Skills and swiftly switch between offensive and defense!

Parry enemy special strikes to your advantage! Bring your characters to life so they may use their full potential on the battlefield!

A Completely Original New Storyline

Experience a brand-new tale with Kirito and his buddies in the universe of Cross Edge, a VR action game created by a brilliant middle schooler.

Who exactly is this brand-new, unique persona named Layla?

Build The Party Of Your Dream

Take command of three familiar and beloved SAO characters during combat.

Each character has their own unique special abilities, so be sure to create teams that take advantage of your rivals' vulnerabilities!

Improve The Character Power

  • Give your heroes ability cards to increase their strength!
  • Boost your advantages or minimize your disadvantages! Play cards wisely to put together the perfect party!

Characters You Can Customize With Lots Of Variations

By giving them additional accessories or altering the colour of their clothing, you may make them more like you.

Additionally, you may include certain people in your party to receive unique interactions that are only seen in SAOVS!

Are you prepared to go on the newest SAO journey now?

Players! Put your blades to use!