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v1.0 для Android
дек 12, 2022
25 MB
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Android 5.0 +

Is there a reason behind Loli's sudden sadness?

Motivating and supporting them is usually lacking...

What will I do to make them happy?

The answer is simple when you choose the Loli of your choice...

You can make your Loli happy by following these steps:

Locate a sad Loli

The easiest way to find a sad Loli is to look for someone who is expressionless

Consult your nearest doctor if she appears to be depressed.

Give her a task to complete

To get her warmed up, have her do simple, easy tasks...

When she becomes tired from it, she will feel the sense of "effort" and will be rewarded for it at the end.

Children are not allowed to work at our company!

Make sure your Loli is rewarded for her efforts

By rewarding your Loli, you can make her feel better,

Rewards come in various forms:

  • Having patted her head previously, I continued to do so.
  • (A candy that might be misinterpreted as a Lolicon by the Loli)
  • (Have your documents ready in case you're jailed, and make sure you're authorized personnel.)

She deserves to be thanked

You don't need to do this step since your Loli is already filled with intense excitement and happiness.

If her happiness exceeds her ability, you may notice an "Aura" emanating from her...

(Effect of sparking)

You're all set!

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