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v2.7 para Android
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set 30, 2022
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Android 5.0 +

Moss Surveyor Apk - An application called GIS Surveyor is used to conduct GIS surveys, handle GIS data, collect data, analyze it, and plan a project before it's executed. It provides surveyors with the opportunity to collect more accurate survey data within a specified time frame. In addition to GIS remote sensing, this application is also a GIS mapping application.

GIS Surveyor uses GPS data collection to conduct GPS-based surveys. Environmental surveys and field surveys will be conducted with it, along with a faster and more efficient GIS data collection process.

A Field Survey, Land Survey, and other surveys that include field data collection, including internal GPS and external GPS, can be conducted with this application.

Top GIS Survey Application features:

  • GIS data collector
  • Calculate the area and distance.
  • GPS land area calculator
  • Attributes can be imported from any other project or device.
  • Survey using images for any location is available, with multiple export options.
  • One set of attributes can be used across multiple surveys.
  • Various Export file formats for GIS data are CSV, KML, and GeoJSON.
  • Post process of data can be performed with software like ArcGIS, ArcGIS Online or qGIS.
  • With an external Bluetooth GPS/GNSS device connected, NTRIP/RTK data can be utilized for accuracy.
  • Survey on online gis maps, and GIS offline maps(supports mbtiles)
  • WMS and WFS Surveyor tiled maps are supported, load topographic and orthophoto maps, geological surveys, cadastral information.
  • Currently, 4 methods of data collection are supported, GPS / GNSS location, map cursor location, GIS Tracker, and point projection using angle and distance.
  • Mapit GIS survey on multiple kinds of GIS maps.
  • Direct export to Dropbox, Google Drive, and FTP location.
  • Import point, line, and polygon layer in CSV, KML or geojson file.
  • Possibility to view multiple layers including points, lines and polygons at the same time.
  • Possibility to group the data into survey layers - each survey layer may have a default set of attributes.
  • Create new polygon or line features and measure details like area, length, and perimeter.
  • Backup management.
  • Export in .SHP format.
  • Export in GPX format.
  • Works with the GEOID Model to provide elevation for a point.
  • Receive Mock Location from 3rd party application.
  • Coordinate System Geoid EGM96

Industries that our survey application caters to:

  • Forestry and Timber inventories.
  • Residential Land, Commercial Land, and Government Land.
  • GPS surveying and GNSS survey.
  • Land Survey.
  • Agricultural and Farm Survey.
  • Field Surveys.
  • Environmental Systems.
  • Highway Road surveys.