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TikTok Pte. Ltd.
v22.0.41 dla Android
lis 09, 2022
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Android 5.0 +

Tiktok Trung Apk - Developed by China's young tech giant, Bytedance, Douyin (douyin.com APK) is a free Video Players app. A short video can be created, edited, and shared by users of "Shaking Sound.". The application also allows users to stream live with music playing in the background. A variety of effects are included in the app, which allows users to create videos that are funny, original, and of high quality. Known internationally as Tiktok, Douyin is a Chinese social network. In spite of their appearance, the two products are not identical.

Share, edit, and create

The creator of Douyin and Tiktok is the same, as well as some of the features they share. As with Tiktok, Douyin allows users to create 15-second videos, add effects, and share them. There are a variety of effects in the app, such as stickers, frames, slow motions, and other filters. Even your appearance can be changed or music can be applied. Creating dance hits or lip-syncing major hits is also very popular with the app. 

It is easy to edit videos on Douyin. Despite not having extensive experience in video editing, you can easily create an effect-filled video with this tool. In addition, the app allows you to share videos on major social media like Weibo, WeChat, and QQ. To engage users on topics, the app also uses hashtags.  A live stream feature is available on Douyin. Additionally, it offers a live Q&A feature that users can use to engage with their followers.

Douyin is not the Chinese version of Tiktok, despite being branded as such. One of the reasons why you can't find the app in other app stores is that it's only available in China. Furthermore, their content differs. In Douyin, you will only find unverified accounts with similar videos if you search for a popular Tiktok user. Douyins can also be found through Tiktok.

A worthy alternative

Compared to popular video-sharing apps today, Douyin offers a nice alternative. In a short time, the app allows users to display their creative talents. As an added benefit, it can also be used as a marketing tool thanks to features such as live streaming and live Q&A.

Tiktok Trung Apk Features:

Get involved in a video-focused social network.

As the world's most populous country, China has the highest number of TickTock users. Chinese only have access to this social network, so you can expand your horizons.

Find popular video solutions now.

China's Tiktok Trung platform allows users to share videos. The result is that there are a lot of famous ticks with unique ideas for making movies. You can create popular TikTok videos using additional tools at TikTok China, along with the latest video effects and stickers.

Keep up with official figures from China.

Famous Vietnamese singers, artists, models, and other professionals can be followed on TikTok by Vietnamese users. Follow Chinese celebrities and famous ticks on Douyin.

Huge musical instrument store in China

On Douyin, you can find the newest and most popular Chinese songs. Recent years have seen Chinese music gain widespread popularity, especially TikTok. There are many features in TikTok that make it attractive to a variety of people. You may miss out on the following features, however:

Short Video Creation

There are a lot of things you can do with this app. Create viral videos by choosing from many effects. Your video can also be rotated, cropped, and played at any speed you like.

Great edit

Compared to other similar apps, TickTock has advanced technology that sets it apart from the rest. In comparison to other apps, it employs many techniques that allow you to edit your videos in a variety of styles. Your videos can be enhanced with makeup, color filters, animations, stickers, and masks.

Show live

It is a paid feature in TikTok, if you do not know about it. In-app purchases are one of the ways TikTok makes money. Through TikTok coins, users can purchase virtual gifts to send to viewers.

Share with other social media platforms

Video sharing directly to Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube is another feature that new users will love.


However, this app stands out because it offers customization options. Videos and your own music can be added