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One of the most important series in Turkish cinema comedy history, Recep Vedik, is preparing to release his seventh film in December.

Unlike the first six films, Recepvedik 7 will be viewed in Disney+'s library rather than being shown on the big screen. It was revealed that the first trailer for Recep Vedik's new movie was released, which is the most successful Turkish film to date.

Throughout the trailer, which runs 1 minute and 38 seconds, Recep Vedik shows he will refrain from absurd humor. It will feature Recep Vedik's adventures in the village and will be available to Disney+ subscribers only this time.

The new movie in Recep İvedik series in 1080p in one piece, watch Recep İvedik 7 movie Full HD Uncensored domestic movie.

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As part of his announcement that Recep Vedik 7 will be broadcast directly on Disney Plus Turkey, Ahan Gökbakar also noted this was his first movie to be broadcast on a streaming platform without ever having seen it in a theater. As of June 14, the Recep Vedik series of movies by the Gökbakar brothers, which started broadcasting in our country in 2008, holds many box office records.

Despite being criticized by Recep İvedik 6, the film series reached 3.97 million viewers with its 7th installment and hopes to increase this number. In terms of domestic film viewing, the Recep Vedik series continues to be a preferred choice.

A movie whose release date is unknown and whose subject has caused great curiosity, Recep Vedik 7, has left all its fans in suspense. It managed to attract attention once again after photos from the set sparked an interest. Recep Vedik is absolutely bored with the city life in this movie of the series. Out of tiredness and economic hardship, Recep Vedik leaves the city and goes to his grandmother's village house. In the midst of enjoying village life, a project that threatens the village and surrounding forest occur. Recep Vedik opposes the project unitedly with the villagers.

Throughout the Recep Vedik 7 series of movies, the actors have demonstrated great dedication and talent.

  • Şahan Gökbakar (Recep İvedik)
  • Nurullah Çelebi (Nurullah Sağlam)
  • Öznur Serçeker (Lawyer Ms.)
  • İrfan Kangi
  • Murat Ergur
  • Eray Turk

This documentary will be released by Laundry Film on December 9, 2022. There are several notable names in this series, including Ahan Gökbakar, Nurullah Elebi, and Znur Serçeler, who have also appeared in other series.

There are comments about the 2022 Netflix movie Recep Vedik 7, including critics, cast, film scores, trailers, big screens, and sour remarks. The Recep Vedik 7 movie is watchable in its entirety. Movie Hell, Blutv, movie mode, and Jet movie camera are all available in one piece without any interruption in 4K quality. Watch Recep vedik 7 online or download it in full HD. Our goal at is to make you have a good time.

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