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Silly Wisher For Genshin Apk Download voor Android

App door:
Arcadianos Juegos
v1.3.5 voor Android
Bijgewerkt op:
dec 12, 2022
56 MB
Vereist Android:
Android 5.0 +

A vast world brimming with life and energy flows through Teyvat.

It is from another world that you and your sibling have come here. As you awaken from a deep slumber, you have been stripped of all your powers by an unknown god.

About Silly Wisher For Genshin Apk

This is the beginning of your journey across Teyvat seeking answers from the gods of the seven elements. Prepare to explore every inch of this wondrous world, join forces with diverse characters, and uncover countless mysteries as you journey through Teyvat.

Massive Open World

Whether you're climbing a mountain, swimming across a river, or gliding over the world below, every step is breathtaking. Who knows what you might discover if you investigate a wandering Seelie or strange mechanism?

Elemental Combat System

Unleash elemental reactions by harnessing the seven elements. There are a number of ways in which Anemo, Electro, Hydro, Pyro, Cryo, Dendro, and Geo interact, and Vision wielders can exploit these interactions.

Is Hydro going to be vaporized with Pyro, electro-charged with Electro, or frozen with Cryo? You will gain an advantage in battle and exploration when you master the elements.

Beautiful Visuals

This game will take your breath away with its stunning art style, real-time rendering, finely tuned character animation, and overall immersive visual experience. Every detail of this world changes as time passes, including lighting and weather.

Soothing Soundtrack

As you listen to Teyvat's soothing sounds, explore the expansive world around you. World-class orchestras such as the London Philharmonic Orchestra and Shanghai Symphony Orchestra perform seamlessly to match the game's mood as it progresses.

Build Your Dream Team

Join a diverse cast of characters in Teyvat, each with their own unique abilities, personalities, and stories. Build a party of your favorite characters and begin leveling them up to take on even the most formidable enemies.

Journey With Friends

Get rich rewards by teaming up with friends across platforms, tackling bosses with ease, and conquering challenging domains together.

The rolling clouds and vast landscape stretching out before you will make you wish to stay in Teyvat a little longer as you stand on the peaks of Jueyun Karst... You will never be able to rest until you are reunited with your lost sibling. Adventure awaits you, Traveler!

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