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Minecraft 1.19.20 Apk Télécharger Pour Android

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v1.19.20 Pour Android
Mis à jour le:
nov. 18, 2022
154.93 MB
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Android 5.0 +

In the new cubic world update, players will notice that some mobs are now behaving more correctly. A few elements have been changed to make them more consistent with the Java Edition. When a fireball collides with a cat's head, for example.

This popular game will offer several new items and mobs that will greatly diversify gameplay for fans.

A new creature has appeared. As a result of the updated version, gamers will be able to see several new creatures in the game at once, including haste, frogs, and keepers.

There are a number of actions that can be performed with the Haste, which can be picked up at the Rogue Outpost. If you turn on the music, he will add note blocks, and if you give him anything, he will become like it.

It is possible to find slime-eating frogs in nearby swamps. Their texture varies depending on where they were born.

Having a glass of milk with this week's update is the perfect way to enjoy the variety! There are lots of treats in store for you, such as parity fixes and chili mayo in endless quantities. Yours truly might be the only one to spill their condiments on their keyboards, unless the rest of you have done the same.

These features include:

  • Minecraft APK 1.19.20 now supports middle mouse click on iOS.
  • The chance of zombies breaking doors on hard difficulty has been increased to 10%.
  • Artwork and messaging for Marketplace error screens have been updated.
  • A 180-second timeout has been reduced to 90 seconds when connecting to a multiplayer game.
  • You can now move the cursor left in menus by holding down the D-Pad Left again.
  • Dead mobs and players can no longer be affected by instantaneous effects (Potions, Tipped Arrows).
  • Basalt Deltas now play 'So Below' music track.
  • Toggling switches have been redesigned so they are easier to distinguish between on and off.

Gameplay of Minecraft 1.19.20 Apk:

  • Traders no longer spawn in water, lava, or underground due to the changes made in Java Edition.
  • This bug affected Bows, Crossbows, and throwing Tridents the first time they were used.
  • There was a bug that prevented the new Wild Update music from playing in the Wild Update biomes in Creative mode.
  • Fisherman Villagers could no longer offer to buy boats at max level due to a bug.
  • Now the secret door in the center of an Ancient City that leads to the Redstone room is working properly.
  • When lava is not placed or dispensed into partial blocks, it will no longer disappear from buckets.
  • There was an issue where enchantments weren't being applied to ranged weapons on mobs.
  • A mob walking on Amethyst step chimes at a fixed volume level.
  • A problem with creating items with durability from the Creative inventory has been fixed.
  • There is a greater frequency of Sculk Patch generation in ancient cities.
  • Nether portals that are placed below Y=-21 no longer cause damage to the player.
  • It was not possible to order scores correctly on scoreboards because of an issue.
  • The /kill command no longer drops loot when fishing hooks are killed.
  • Soul Sand now properly activates and deactivates player Soul Speed.
  • The health_boost function was displaying incorrect health values, resulting in the player becoming invisible after dying.
  • Depending on the item in the input slot, the Villager plays the appropriate sound when trading.
  • Ancient Cities now display skulls in the same orientation as Java Edition.
  • When format_version 1.19.20 or higher is specified, event filters in the root definition can be evaluated independently of sequence or randomize.
  • An issue with extra life not staying after a health boost has been fixed.

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