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v1.0 para Android
Actualizado en:
sep. 20, 2022
36 MB
Android requerido:
Android 5.0 +

Once again, you'll beat the stuffing out of an innocent rag doll in Kick the Buddy: Forever, the sequel to the legendary game Kick the Buddy. You'll start by punching him, but you'll soon earn coins and be able to unlock a variety of weapons and items!

There are no changes to the controls in Kick the Buddy: Forever compared to the original. Swipe and tap to drag your 'buddy' across the screen and throw him against the walls. The upper left corner of the screen has a drop-down menu that allows you to access all the weapons you unlock.

Over fifty weapons are available in the game, which you can gradually unlock. A power saw handgun, gauntlet, axe, hammer, machine gun, tridents... even an electric chair are included in Kick the Buddy: Forever. Furthermore, you'll find a lot of movie-inspired weapons, although unlocking them will require a lot of coins and gems.

Despite not having any specific goals, Kick the Buddy: Forever is an enjoyable game that lets you blow off some steam and relax. Furthermore, despite his multiple injuries, your 'buddy' is always smiling, so don't feel bad if you beat him up.

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These features are:

He needs to be nuked.

Defusing a nuclear bomb in front of Buddy's face wouldn't be much fun if you couldn't unlock it? There is no better way to punish Buddy than this - but it all comes to an end so quickly. Maybe you should hit him in a more 'stress-relieving' way.

A bat was used to hit him.

This could be considered one of Buddy's more stress-relieving punishments. You'll experience fleeting moments of joy when you hit Buddy's head with a baseball bat, like a gently frozen cloud about to turn into snow. Imagining that Buddy's head is actually a person you dislike will put you soundly to sleep at night, cuddled in bed like a baby as you smash Buddy's head in.

He should be strangled to death by dinosaurs.

To strangle Buddy, you can make dinosaurs bite ropes that are wrapped around his neck. Another option would be to unleash a pack of wild animals or a swarm of angry bats on Buddy. It is possible to incorporate your love of wildlife into torturing Buddy in many ways. This will be a great experience for you.