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App By:
Virtual World Computing, LLC
v0.1.13 for Android
Updated On:
Sep 20, 2022
53.36 MB
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We are committed to protecting a free and open internet, starting with TUSK, a secure web browser with an anti-censorship news feed.

An anti-censorship web browser with a news feed.

TUSK News Feed: What is it? It was built from the ground up to ensure Conservatives can access the stories that matter, without being influenced by liberal bias. There is no censorship on TUSK, which features the first and only free speech and anti-censorship News Feed.

Basically, it works like this: 

TUSK's News Feed allows you to easily access articles from popular conservative media organizations you trust, such as Fox News, New York Post, The Daily Wire, and others. Are you missing your favorite news source? This way, you have 100% control over which publishers you see in your feed and on your homepage. You won't find any other news feed with built-in AI that shows you the stories that are trending right now, as well as the articles that will go viral in the next few hours and minutes. There is no other news source that can provide you with the clarity and insight that TUSK can.

It is also available on macOS and Windows-based desktops and laptops.

With Tusk, you can schedule tasks easily and enjoy them more.

Among the tasks Tusk can help you with are:

  • Keep your body in shape.
  • Become a better reader.
  • Dentist appointments should be scheduled.
  • Make sure your bills are paid.
  • Organize your home.
  • A couple of times a month, I party with friends.
  • In addition, there are many others.

A task list can be maintained for the day, schedules can be built, notifications can be set, and tasks can be tracked on the calendar.

Tusk: why should you use it?


You can schedule tasks to run on specific days of the week, several times a week, several times a month, several times a year, every day, at arbitrary intervals, and more!

Keeping things simple

The interface for creating tasks is intuitive and simple. An introduction to the application is provided in a short tutorial.

The customization process

Your tasks can be customized with a rich set of colors and icons that is constantly updated. If you cannot find the image you need, contact us and we will add it!

You can also choose a dark theme.

Templates that can be used immediately.

Our catalog of popular tasks can serve as a starting point.


With achievements added to the app, you can reach new heights. The badges you earn are a reflection of your own accomplishments, so why not participate in this challenge?

Features of premium quality

In our opinion, Tusk's free version offers great functionality and can be used to the fullest extent possible. However, for those who want more, we have prepared a number of premium features: cloud sync, Google Calendar integration, additional colors, and lock screen.

Our task and habit planner will help you stay organized and productive!