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Theme Park Simulator APK Download for Android

App By:
v2.6.5 for Android
Updated On:
Sep 20, 2022
564 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0 +

Fans of fair games, watch out! Introducing Theme Park Simulator, the new extreme ride simulator! Come on, the fairground is waiting for you, now you can enjoy one of the most fun amusement park adventures.

About Theme Park Simulator APK

Whether you're a thrill seeker and a lover of ride games, amusement park games, controller games, carnival games, or you've always liked a Classic Theme Park game, a fun kamikaze game, or a thrilling roller coaster simulator... don't wait any longer to enter your favorite destination.

Did you ever want to feel the adrenaline rush from thrill rides like the Kingda Ka, Space Mountain, the Big Dipper, or the Splash Mountain? In Theme Park Simulator, you can experience the feeling of passengers riding in theme park games, as well as managing your own amusement park and its carnival rides (in Spanish: “atracciones de carnival”) or theme park rides, which may remind you of fairgrounds games like theme park tycoon or amusement park tycoon.

Download Theme Park Simulator now and enjoy the fun park amusement rides as you would in real life when you ride the carousel or the whip; or when you ride the tunnel of love at the funfair. There are many rides games to complete in this incredible simulation of fun fairs, including roller coaster games, fair games, and many more. Do you really ride in theme parks as much as you think you do? Get your fair ride on now!

Let's do it! Get into your favorite fair ride from the fun fair and manage your own fair park. From a small theme park to a large one, with roller coasters like the wipeout, funfair games, and more, have fun at the roller coaster park!

You can choose your favorite fun fair ride now that the theme parks are open!

"Theme Park Simulator" allows you to explore a fun world full of amazing rides. 

There are additional simulators (including a Ferris wheel):

  • Cars with bumpers.
  • The inverter.
  • The Tagada people.
  • A wild mouse on a roller coaster.
  • Jumping techno.
  • The Twister.
  • A kamikaze attack.
  • Tokaido Roller Coaster.
  • Ships of the Vikings.
  • A kamikaze attack.
  • Expressing love.

A new simulator is coming soon...! ! !