Test Server Codm Season 8 Apk APK

Test Server Codm Season 8 Apk Download for Android

App By:
Activision Publishing, Inc.
v0.0.42.273 for Android
Updated On:
Sep 20, 2022
733.29 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0 +

COD Mobile Season 8 Test Server APKs are now available for both Android and iOS devices. In addition to new maps, balance adjustments and a number of Battle Royale improvements, this is the latest public test build of the upcoming Call of Duty: Mobile Season 8.

Hardcore players can use this CODM Season 8 test server to test out the upcoming new features and provide feedback. Anyone who reports bugs and reports back problems should be rewarded for their efforts. Download and get into the test build as soon as possible before the player limit runs out, as this is a limited-time build.

In this public test build, you can expect to play with and test the following features:

  • New MP Map – Hovec Sawmill
  • MP Map Revamp – Crash
  • New Operator Skill, Scorestreak, Weapon, Perk, MP Mode, BR Vehicle, and BR Class
  • Various optimizations to MP
  • New loadout features
  • Balance adjustments
  • New Undead Siege content

The new Codm Season 8 Apk on the Test Server

With the release of the Season 10 test server, users can't help but wonder what the game has in store for them. Season 10 features will be included along with the Christmas update. Maps and skins were based on holiday themes during the Christmas update. A number of new features will be introduced in the Season 10 test server, including:

  • A new score has been recorded
  • Tools that are new
  • Customization of weapons
  • Customization of BR
  • Modifications to the MP3 format
  • Enhancements and features of the application

Some of these features may not be available at first. During the trial period, all of these features will be completed, even though some may be incomplete.

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Codm Season 8 Apk Gameplay Cheats

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