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v2.0.0 for Android
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Sep 20, 2022
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Android 5.0 +

There is a gradual emergence of a bigger picture from what initially seemed to be independent cases.

The hand behind it all has no regard for social order and aims only to destroy everything decent and good.

The lines between good and evil become blurred as the truth becomes obscured and shrouded in mystery. You are up against the world, and the words of reason are falling on deaf ears.

There are many detective-themed and romance-themed games available. You can play some fantastic games today if you combine the two. The addictive nature of detective games allows you to enjoy so many things.

About Tears Of Themis Apk

Tears of Themis puts you in the shoes of a rookie lawyer who desires nothing more than to attain justice in the world. A higher being will take care of all these messy cases you get entangled in.

You will gather evidence to uncover the truth by searching for different crime scenes. In order to bring justice and find the suspect in the crime, you will need to find evidence. If you want to find the evidence, you'll need a pair of keen eyes since it might be hiding in plain sight.

You can also get testimony from bystanders and suspects. Since you are a lawyer, you must follow all rules to ensure justice is served. Even in the midst of chaos, romance can be found!

In the Tears of Themis, uphold justice

Criminals and crimes are committed all over the world today. There are plenty of detectives, police officers, and attorneys to help us because anything can happen each day.

Still, many criminals will do anything to commit dirty deeds and crimes. Bringing justice to light and punishing evildoers is your job as a lawyer in Tears of Themis!

If you're a new lawyer, you'll quickly learn that the streets are brutal and full of crime. A rookie lawyer at Themis Law Firm, you're tasked with bringing justice to the people.

This involves going through many cases and crime scenes to collect evidence that can help you find the culprit. In order to uncover the truth, you should investigate the scene, which means that you can get witness testimony.

Your findings can then be used to defeat your opponents in court! You'll also be able to go on dates here in addition to heart-pounding cases!

Will you remain committed to your beliefs and choices?

Investigate the scene and collect evidence:

  • Learn the truth about the crime scene by discovering delicate evidence and items lying there.
  • Testimonials from suspects should be obtained. Identify the key evidence by analyzing and comparing their testimonies with contradictory clues on them.
  • Deliver true justice in the courtroom by defeating your opponents with logic and wits!

Learn everything about him through his exquisite dynamic illustrations:

  • Your treasured memories with him will be forever framed by the exquisite Dynamic Illustrations.
  • You will be able to receive video calls from your special someone once a personal story is unlocked! Get a taste of his resonating voice and daily interactions!
  • Experience heart-racing intimate moments on dates that will make you melt.

Build cherished memories together with Precious Memories:

  • Each character has their own story arc that reveals their deepest secrets.
  • Completing these stories will help you learn more about him and create memories that are uniquely yours.

You and Them Have Our Own Personal Lounge:

  • Now you can access the new Lounge feature. Spend cozy days with them by collecting blueprints and building furniture.