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Tank Company Apk Download for Android

App By:
Netease Games Global
v1.2.0 for Android
Updated On:
Sep 16, 2022
1.32 GB
Required Android:
Android 5.0 +

Tank Company Apk - Using your mobile device, you can engage in 15v15 tank battles in Tank Company, an MMO tank battle game. There are five types of tanks to choose from, including self-propelled guns, and different maps to play on.

Battles have taken on a whole new dimension. Up to 30 tanks will fight each other on a huge battlefield. Every map has a different balance of power, changing the tide of battle dynamically. Whether it's your turn to win or to turn the tables, get ready for scenarios where you charge to victory. Choosing your attack route is the first step. As a team member, you will have a major role to play.

There are over a hundred tanks to choose from in the game: vehicles from World War II and the Cold War are all recreated to an extremely high level of detail. They include historic tanks, lesser-known test vehicles, and never-before-seen creations that have contributed to battles in history. To further expand your options, we will continue to add more countries and tanks to the game.

There is a variety of maps and engrossing settings to choose from on your battlefields. The maps are all taken from historic battle locations with a square area of 1km by 1km. Discover scorching deserts, ice-covered cities, and war-torn tank factories. Use the terrain to your tactical advantage by getting familiar with it.

Through battles, you gain experience and grow in multiple facets! Research new tanks until you reach high-performance Tier VIII monsters starting with Tier I tanks. You can further strengthen your combat power by replacing tank parts with higher-performance ones, and installing modules and equipment that improve combat performance. To highlight your own style, you can also use camouflage, decals, and 3D modifications on your favorite tank.

It is possible to form a platoon with friends who share your interests. The goal is to rip through the enemy's defenses by cooperating on the huge battlefield. There are also more ways to find allies in the game, such as Clans. With Tank Company, you're never alone!

By constantly adjusting and improving the engine, we hope to provide the best game performance on mobile devices. As a result of the amazing light and shadow effects and detailed maps in the game, you will always feel like you're on the battlefield. As the leading actor in this blockbuster war film, you will be immersed in intricate tank models and stunning special effects.

The tank game Tank Company is constantly growing and improving. By combining tank battles and their mechanical beauty, the idea is to bring you a massive virtual world where you can experience the history and the atmosphere of war at any time. The different tanks, maps, and battle styles of the teammates add variety to every match. Now is the time to get started!