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ScourgeBringer Apk Download for Android

App By:
PID Games
v1.61 for Android
Updated On:
Sep 20, 2022
171.5 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0 +

Rogue-lite platformer with fast gameplay!

The ScourgeBringer game features high-speed pixel art and 2D action. Discover a post-apocalyptic world and destroy ancient machines as the deadliest soldier. With super-speed slashing, shooting, dashing, and endless blood power-ups, this game is a blast to play. High-speed action and roguelike make an ant!

Can you keep up with this dash slashing?

There may be similarities between the dungeon and the early "Metroid". Discover countless rooms connected one by one by scrolling, and destroy enemies by dashing, slashing, and using guns. The skill tree gains strength as you play repeatedly, even if you lose to the roguelike element where the map is randomly generated each time. Above all, the high-speed jump action feels great and is very responsive! Using a smartphone is also a nice and smooth experience.

An action-packed 2D experience packed with high-speed excitement

I feel like TUEEE just by operating it. Shooting and sword action similar to "Deadcells" and "Celeste", with aerial dash action. Everyone loves it, isn't it? Bullet-shooting bosses. Each time a roguelite element is used, it becomes a different adventure and gets stronger with each playthrough. Manchu-like with interesting elements from the present day.

It's Good To Have A Good Tempo... That's What Matters

Use the skill tree to your advantage! The sense of speed is the most important. It's either die or win at this moment. When you repeat the same exercise over and over again, you get stronger and stronger. Smartphone operation is also good, and flick operations can automate dashes and slashes for comfortable operation.

Flow of the game:

  • Were machines responsible for its destruction? The opening of such a kind.
  • I'll make up for it with soul, even though the translation is a bit textural and poetic.
  • As soon as you get close, an attack will occur!
  • In order to slash or shoot, you need to press a button.
  • Altar of Blood has 3 updates for you to choose from!
  • After Dead Cell, I feel like this is the next step.
  • The map can be found here. If there is a mark, there is an event, so make sure you check it out!
  • Be aware, however, that powerful enemies may appear from time to time.
  • As opposed to the Metroidvania feeling that explores every corner, the battle was the main attraction.
  • Ah, but you can improve your skills by playing repeatedly.

Here are some tips for early-stage strategy

A mark on an enemy will cause you to faint if you slash it with a slash. You will be stunned if you hit a slash displayed as “!”, you will be stunned. This also applies to the boss. My goal is to master slashing, which can also erase enemy bullets. There will also be power-ups for slashing and shooting in the skill tree. Regardless of whether we die, let's take down the mid-boss and boss and train the skill tree.

Invincible Mode Is Also Available

It's important to pull off auto-slashing so you don't get hit. You may want to try using gentle options such as an invincible mode if you really want to see the future. You can check the options on the screen. The usage and dosage should be protected, as the feeling of play may be ruined.