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App By:
Genius Yaoi Studio Inc.
v3.0.23 for Android
Updated On:
Nov 22, 2022
62.2 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0 +

The Sea Dragons have been struggling recently, and they need a new coach if they want any chance of turning things around.

Although your experience as a professional player could prove invaluable, the team's members have become wary and cynical after being let down by so many mentors.

Finding a technique to melt their reluctance to be trained will be necessary before proceeding with the process. Is there hope that your enthusiasm may bring the group together and propel them to triumph, or are they consigned to obscurity?

One Shot At Love Apk Features:

The Hopeful Captain — Yamato

Yamato, commander of the Sea Dragons, has had to cope with setback after setback. Even more so after seeing the entourage of instructors, it has made him wary of the new leadership.

A part of him still hopes they'll find a coach who can motivate the team, but until then, he'll stick by them no matter what. Do you have what it takes to soothe Yamato's worries and turn into more than simply a coach?

The Ace with an Ego — Noa

Noa, the team's antagonistic Ace, is unwilling to take orders from a green coach. He's aware of the fact that his team needs assistance, but he's also certain that it has nothing to do with his own play.

There is much potential in having Noa join the Sea Dragons, but it will take time and effort to get him to confront his own issues. Is it possible that a fresh start with a new coach like you will help Noa mend his broken spirit and ego?

The Genius in the Shadows — Toji

Toji is the kind of guy who would rather be in the audience than in the spotlight. His analytical abilities make him the team's go-to thinker.

At first, he looks withdrawn and uninterested in interacting with the rest of the team. However, is this a conscious decision, or is he trying to conceal something? Can you as the team's new coach coax Toji into talking?