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Ngl Link Apk Download for Android

App By:
v1.6.2 for Android
Updated On:
Sep 20, 2022
41 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0 +

An anonymous feedback app called NGL helps you communicate with people anonymously. This platform provides privacy and security, and it is a trusted place to interact with others without disclosing your identity.

Despite its simple interface, the app is easy to use even for first-timers. Your messages will be delivered quickly, and you won't encounter any delays.

Download Ngl Link Apk for Android if you want to send anonymous messages! Android 5.0 and above devices are supported by the lightweight app.

What are the benefits of downloading Ngl Link Apk?

A lot of features are available on Instagram, a popular social media platform. Messages cannot be sent anonymously, however.

You must reveal your identity whenever you interact with someone. It can be difficult to get feedback about something without being identified, especially when you want to get feedback anonymously.

NGL comes into play here. An anonymous messaging platform is provided by the app. You can get feedback about anything with this tool!

Using this service, you will be able to ask questions, give compliments, or communicate with anyone without revealing your identity. The feedback you receive will be unbiased this way!

As well as being secure and private, NGL is a great platform. You can be assured that all your messages are safe and secure with this app's state-of-the-art encryption.

All data is also deleted from the app's servers when it responds. Therefore, only you will have access to your messages since they are 100% private.

What are the steps for using the Ngl Link Apk?

In terms of ease of use, NGL is a straightforward app. Google Play Store is where you will find the APK file. Your Android device will automatically be prompted to install the app after the download is complete.

  • Please share your with us.
  • Friend's comments appear right on your story.
  • Respond to NGL posts.

Your IG bio should include your for even more messages!

Our world-class AI content moderation ensures the safety of our users. To filter out harmful language and bullying, we use deep learning and rule-based character pattern matching algorithms. Finally, anonymity can only work if it's safe!

Features of Ngl Link Apk:

We offer a platform that is limitless when it comes to Q&A. 

NGL offers you a wide range of topics to choose from. If you have a question about anything, you can ask it anonymously! Feedback can be given about anything with this app. Any topic related to your work, personal life, or anything else can be discussed!

An intuitive user interface with minimal clutter. 

The user interface of the app is minimalistic and clutter-free. The navigation and use of the site are simplified as a result. Using the app won't bombard you with ads or notifications.

You can request that your data be deleted. 

At any time, you can request the deletion of your account and your data. We will remove your data within 24 hours of receiving your request for deletion!

Quickly transmit messages with simple graphics. 

Messages are transmitted quickly because no complicated animations or graphics are used. As a result, NGL is one of the fastest messaging apps on the market!

Get more features with an upgrade! A number of features can be upgraded through in-app purchases in NGL. You can enjoy special features like unlimited messages and custom themes when you sign up for a premium account!