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App By:
Darkwinter Software Co., Ltd.
v1.3.0 for Android
Updated On:
Nov 21, 2022
139 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0 +

"Warning! A serious breach in system integrity has occurred."

That the very survival of Dolls is now at jeopardy is an unparalleled event. The Dolls are a dispersed group that, while facing terrible opponents and an unknown future, are determined to find each other and find some way to save themselves.

Even though humanity has forgotten about them, you, leader of "Project Neural Cloud," have boldly stepped into this uncharted territory and formed the "Exiles," all while sheltering wandering Dolls. The Exiles will look to you as their leader to help them discover the world's hidden truths and escape their current precarious condition.

Individuals who are both complex and novel:

All sorts of next-generation Dolls are standing by to carry out your every want. Identify them and add them to the Exiles' ranks. Help your favorite Dolls learn to fly free by training them to navigate their own neural clouds. Find out what's been keeping their histories buried... These are your Dolls' and yours alone to keep a secret.

Armed conflict that involves both brute force and cunning:

Explore a new kind of battle that captures the spirit of roguelike games in its attention to detail in terms of location and character design. You may win by taking chances and facing off against formidable foes, by playing it safe and meticulously planning your movements with the larger picture in mind, or by playing it by ear and improvising. Leave it to the Exiles while you organize your ranks and come up with workable team compositions that make excellent use of friendship boosts.

System for building that's both entertaining and practical:

While traveling, collect supplies that may be used to build and improve the Oasis, the Exiles' new home. Create a city that suits your tastes, invest in its infrastructure, and construct dorms to amass wealth and get access to potent bonuses. You and your dolls deserve a break before continuing on your journey.