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v02.1.0.6 for Android
Updated On:
Nov 18, 2022
145.1 MB
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Android 5.0 +

Nejisimneet 02 Apk - Simulators are enjoyed by a wide variety of people today, regardless of their status or preference. From cars to managing businesses to even dating games, we can enjoy so many games under the simulation genre.

In addition to simulation dating games, there are also cute scenes that aren't normally found in Google Play Store. You can make your wildest dreams come true with Neet and Angel, one of the best games in this category.

About Nejisimneet 02 Apk

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A dating simulation that is explicit

Simulator games are available in many varieties today. Driving trucks around town is possible in truck simulation games. Alternatively, you can become a mechanic or even a goat, roaming the city and causing havoc.

Download Neet and Angel, an adult dating simulation game, if you're into simulation games. You can interact with wild animals in this simulation game, which differs from regular simulation games.

Nejisimneet 02 Apk Features:

Explicit dating sim

The number of dating simulation games available today is enormous. With these games, you can interact with many characters and enjoy an exciting storyline.

There are many unique ones available right now if you enjoy these games a lot. Neet and Angel take things to a whole new level if that's what you're looking for. If you've always wanted to live in a harem, here is your chance.

Your daily life will be filled with sexual interactions with three beautiful girls. Your replies and actions here will gradually build your appeal and rapport with the characters.

You'll be able to get into the game through its excellent storyline, and your choices will influence your relationship with the characters. There are three sisters: a big sister, a little sister, and a single mom. There are many explicit scenes in this game, which makes it different from other games!

Three beautiful characters

Today, you'll be living with three beautiful girls in Neet and Angel. There are two sisters and a single mom who will make your life more enjoyable.

After knowing that you're still a virgin, your neighbor sets you up to live with these girls. Here, you have many chances to lose your virginity! There's even a possibility of losing it every night!

Enjoy the storyline

Because the interactions are all part of the storyline, they become more meaningful. It's going to be wild today since you're living with girls.

Aside from that, the game also offers a story that can enhance your enjoyment of sexual interactions. You can expect more sexual scenes as you go deeper into the story!

Make your choice

It's a dating simulation game, so whatever you do and say is completely within your control.