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Sep 20, 2022
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As a result, direct players must still perform quests and complete world-building activities. Watching and moving around are the only activities that observers are allowed to do. One of the most interesting features here is that every action of the audience will have no effect on what happens. Seeing the football tournament live is like watching a game on television. Each player can be tracked according to how they play, how they lead, but not how they play.

An invisible person is the only thing you can see in Minecraft version 1.19.22 Vietnamese APK, official version. You will not be visible to other players, NPCs, or animals. In addition, you are not able to adjust, change effects, or participate in other players' world building at the same time.

You can now peek into other players' skills and techniques thanks to this new feature, which is interesting. This can be applied to your own gameplay from there.

Gameplay that's fresh and exciting

Because of its new, unique, and attractive gameplay, MCPE 1.19.22 APK attracts so many gamers. Portals cannot be passed through by fireballs in this version. By adding this feature, the player won't have an error when entering the world of the ender dragon and opening the teleport portal.

A waterfall can also be formed by falling objects flowing along it. The swamp's texture is not altered at the same time. Items that are dropped in swamps will not disappear, for example. Due to their carelessness, players can rest assured. They will, however, disappear after a certain period of time. As a result, you need to grab it as soon as possible.

The space around the player has changed significantly since Minecraft PE's first release many years ago. A new biome and plant species emerge. The appearances of the hero qualitatively diversify his features and enable him to determine the areas where he is most capable of developing.

For this reason, game developers must work hard to ensure everything runs smoothly and efficiently. The official Minecraft 1.19.22 APK has been updated to fix and improve a variety of bugs in previous releases. The kill command now properly throws out everything in the chest when destroying a boat.

The spectator mode in MCPE 1.19.22

A new feature introduced in the test version of Minecraft PE 1.19.22 Official APK, available in Vietnamese, is the ability to watch gameplay from the outside. This is the point when the player is on the field and moving around it, but nothing will be affected by what they are doing.

It includes the following features:

The creative process:

After exploring available resources, players must formulate their own ideas. You can use the money you earn from Minecraft PE to purchase other games. Free of charge. Building beautiful buildings is the most important thing. Furthermore, in creative mode, different animals can be created by laying eggs. Your HP will be reduced if you stay underwater for too long or touch the lava.

How to stay alive:

Survival mode is different from creative mode. In order to survive, you must find shelter, food, and weapons. Easy, Peace, Normal, and Hard are the four levels you can experience. Pieces should be formed normally if possible. Also in the End Biome, there is an Ender Dragon that can be destroyed. You can respawn at the end of the game or on your last bed if you are accidentally killed while playing.

The hardest level (difficulty) is:

This game mode is for those who are really brave. Everything returns to its original state once it dies and cannot be revived. It is similar to Survival, but with increased difficulty. Beginners should always start with the easy level if they are new to Minecraft.

A thrilling adventure:

Survival mode and construction mode share many common points. It is possible for the player to travel the entire map (Map) when playing adventures. Servers can be used in creative mode to share data between players.