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Layar 3 Apk Download for Android

App By:
v4.1.3 for Android
Updated On:
Sep 20, 2022
6.9 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0 +

All-in-one IPTV with more than 200 premium channels that are affordable for everyone.

Using Layar 3 Apk, you can use your smartphone as an unwanted reality device in the future.

Using the app is as easy as activating the camera on your Android device, displaying the object or component you want to interact with, and letting the app work its magic. You can find out more about the reminder in the store if you leave the information blank on your screen.

Reading magazines is also a good way to increase your knowledge. You simply need to point your camera at the content you wish to explore and you're done! You can access this information in just a few seconds while connected to the Internet.

Layer 3 is an augmented reality app that can add depth to your daily life. You won't give up on some programs after you try them.

More than 250 million people have downloaded the app! There is no other platform like Ugly Reality around the world.

You can enhance your real vision by using Layar 3 Apk to display it on your smartphone's camera view. Get information about things, places, and things around you by following links, watching videos, and looking at other sources of information.

These features include:

  • Free and easy downloads.
  • The download, installation, and use of this program is free.
  • Play a game that is self-playing and has real-world experience.
  • The ability to display HD and 4K graphics.
  • Online multiplayer gameplay has been enhanced with new features.
  • Several languages are available.
  • Multiple devices can be controlled easily.
  • Automatic tensioning system for matchmaking.
  • Our developers have years of experience in designing.
  • Pop-ups, banners, and advertisements are not allowed.
  • Updates have been made to many other common and modern features as well
  • The following are recent additions to the game mode.

An important point:

Use Layar 3 Apk, the leading augmented reality app, to bring digital content to life.

Get a high-quality digital experience by scanning advanced print content in layers! You can then interact with your world in a brand new way thanks to the additional digital content displayed!

  • With a video on the same page as Live Magazine, you can watch it live!
  • A mobile phone can be used to buy items directly through a direct link.
  • Social media sharing of content and links to content.
  • Find thousands of jewelers in your area that sell B objects. You can also find ATMs, restaurants, and historical sites throughout the city!
  • Have you ever had trouble scanning? Try scanning QR codes or finding Layar 3 logos in magazines, newspapers, and other content!
  • As well as watching trailers and reading reviews, you can also browse posts about the world's best releases and upcoming attractions!
  • The Layar 3 App has been completely redesigned.
  • A new easy-to-use interface makes Layar 3 easier than ever.
  • Revisit or revisit the content you previously reviewed by checking the Last Content section.