Docnet VPN Premium Apk APK

Docnet VPN Premium Apk Download for Android

App By:
v3.44.0 for Android
Updated On:
Nov 10, 2022
45 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0 +

Docnet VPN Premium Apk - No longer able to add personal touches to software.

Want to avoid the trouble of configuring servers and spending hours poring through training videos on how to set up a basic VPN?

With payload, TLS, DNSTT, and SNI, can we achieve the speed of Socks5?!

  • No, this is not ShadowSocks!
  • A v2ray-like effect, this is not!
  • That's not Secure Shell!

Who is Docnet VPN Premium Apk?

Native WebSocket-based Socks5 with support for payload, SNI, TLS, and DNSTT, as well as many connections at once!

Use your mobile device's WiFi or switch to a mobile network; DocNET is supported!

With DocNET WebSocket VPN, you may access the internet securely while avoiding restrictions imposed by firewalls thanks to our innovative "DockSocks" protocol.

DockSocks is based on v2ray, from which it borrows ideas and concepts, but it differs significantly in key respects. It is easier to use and more trustworthy, and it uses parallel web sockets, so you need to create a new one for each outgoing or incoming connection.

This prevents the connection from being idle or the network from disconnecting you due to idle time, considerably enhancing the speed of your connection.

Docnet VPN Premium Apk Features:

  • Improve your network's speed.
  • Please refrain from traffic calming
  • Free VPN Service from Brazil to the Rest of the World
  • Unrestricted tally
  • There are no speed limits or other traffic regulations in place
  • The road is clear.
  • Introduce a payload through HTTP
  • Being active rather than inactive
  • Saves power without sacrificing functionality.
  • fails to shut down
  • Lightning-quick and dependable (multi-connection)
  • Potential for top-secret ciphering
  • Routes that bypass Cloudflare
  • Reliable DNS redirection
  • This server is one of several
  • Open Firewall Support for Native WebSocket UDP Connections Bypass
  • Safeguards for Urgently Expected Shipments
  • VPN using DNSTunneling (port 53 UDP)
  • Constructing a TLS tunnel with Server Name Indication and an HTTP payload (TCP port 443)
  • The Payload Tunneling Standard (HTTP) (TCP port 80)

If you'd want to use SSH over TLS on your server over a web socket, you may do so by either adding your own SSH server or by uploading our proxy on GitHub.

Put your worries about being tracked or having your data stored on a foreign server to rest and enjoy the freedom of a new kind of connection that you may use on your mobile provider, at your university, or anyplace else you wish!