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App By:
Fauji smile
v1.0.5.589 for Android
Updated On:
Sep 20, 2022
17 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0 +

In recent years, horror games have become increasingly popular among gamers. The gameplay is thrilling, so why wouldn't you play them? Carrion is one of the hottest horror games in the gaming world right now. Heart-pounding gameplay and a horrific storyline make this game a must-play.

About Carrion Apk

In Carrion by Phobia Game Studio, the player controls an evil monster who hunts and kills those who imprison him. Chasing instead of being chased would be more exciting for gamers!

If you've ever watched a horror movie and imagined yourself as a monster, this is the game for you! You will play the monster in Carrion action game instead of being the victim in an inverted horror concept. Every player will be able to unleash their inner monster with this exciting new horror game. The goal of the gameplay is to escape the research facility by murdering as many humans as possible.

It starts out as a tiny creature with a coil of sensitive tendrils. The tentacles become longer and stronger as you continue terminating and eating humans.

There's more! You will gain new skills as you devour scientists and guards inside the maze facility, allowing you to reach various parts of the map that have not yet been explored. The ability to dash is unlocked after eating several men, for example. With this technique, you will be able to penetrate metallic doors and wooden surfaces. Carrion Game APK can be installed on your smartphone, so you can experience its horror!

These features include:

A map with a lot of detail. 

An intricate map is included in this horror-themed game. The maze-like research facility requires you to use it to navigate.

Monster with dynamic properties. 

As an amorphous creature with sensitive tendrils, you will play as a creature with amorphous tendrils. They can also be used to kill enemies and navigate through tight spaces. As you evolve and kill victims, your tentacles become stronger.

An action-packed horror game. 

There will be a fightback from your enemies! You can expect an exhilarating and action-packed gameplay experience.

It is multi-leveled. 

There are many levels in the game, each with its own challenges. This will keep you entertained for a long time. Your enemies will be left in awe as you explore new areas and kill them in style.

Two-dimensional graphics that are exciting. 

The graphics in this game are beautiful and exciting in 2-D. The environment becomes more detailed as you progress. 

There is also an original soundtrack for hours of entertainment!

The user interface is highly intuitive. 

The easy-to-use user interface makes learning and playing the game extremely easy. In this game, your character is controlled with ease and you can slay your enemies in style.