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v0.7.1 for Android
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Nov 09, 2022
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Android 5.0 +

Battlefield Mobile Apk - Battlefield is among the most popular first-person shooters. Since its release in 2002, this series has never failed to wow fans with its gripping narrative and intensely realistic depiction of combat.

Due to the success of the original Battlefield game, Electronic Arts has stated that they are developing a mobile version of the game from the ground up. Some of the familiar game modes from the console and PC versions are here, along with some new ones made just for Android. The freedom to play whenever and anywhere has led to an increase in the number of potential opponents in appealing MMOs.

Battlefield Mobile's visuals are so impressive that even high-end smartphones won't be able to do them justice. To win, just as in other games, needs cooperation between players. Additionally, the game's controls have been expertly modified for touchscreens, ensuring a truly immersive experience.

There are bombs and grenades and military vehicles and guns and armor and more to find. This is more than enough information to bring the thrill and excitement of Battlefield to the Android world. The only way to prove your mettle as a leader and commander of your army is to survive.

You can now take the all-out combat of BattlefieldTM with you everywhere you go by downloading the game on your mobile device. In classic modes like Conquest, Rush, and Team Deathmatch, you'll be able to command your squad in HD multiplayer FPS action, superior teamplay, and genre-defining devastation.

Let's Go To War!

Experience the spectacular explosions for which Battlefield is renowned; use tanks, rocket launchers, and other weapons to bury your adversaries beneath infinite quantities of debris; engage in high-intensity PvP warfare in epic large-scale confrontations

Recruit your pals and go in for the kill:

  • Gather your team and take on the other players in exciting PVP games.
  • Touchscreen interface for strategic and tactical control
  • To get the upper hand in a fight, it's time to load up the squad trucks and do some serious environmental damage to the battlefield.

Fight It Out:

Pick one of four playable classes—Assault, Engineering, Support, or Recon—and then tailor your loadout with guns, class-specific equipment, and more in advance of each and every battle.

all-out conflict: personalize your weapons and armor with a plethora of skins, camouflages, and more.

Extreme Devastation:

  • Experience the vastness of Battlefield's 3D destructible battlefields and wartime surroundings on your mobile device.
  • Fight as your favorite character in reenactments of historic conflicts set on Battlefield's most recognizable locations.
  • Bring that "only in Battlefield" flair to each fight by taking a fresh, original approach.

Take Part in Tournaments and Objectives:

  • To keep players engaged, the game has both weekly and daily challenges, as well as constant updates with fresh material.
  • Prove your worth in combat and get the benefits.
  • You may try out BattlefieldTM Mobile right now.

All *in-app purchases are included in the price.

The ability to play BattlefieldTM Mobile is not dependent on registration. The Pre-Release Feedback Agreement must be signed. Individuals must be above the age of 18. Alpha data, including game progress, achievements, characters, character data, and any other value or status indications, may be reset at any time and will not carry over to the full release. Due to the pre-release nature of Battlefield Mobile Alpha, it is given "as is" and without any explicit or implied warranties, including the possibility of a mistake or malfunction.

Any specific weapon, item of equipment or motor vehicle by name is mentioned simply for the sake of authenticity and does not imply any support by the trademark owner.

You must agree to EA's Privacy & Cookie Policy and User Agreement in order to use this app. Needs to be connected to the internet constantly (network fees may apply). Comprises in-game commercials. uses analytics and ad-serving software from a third party to compile data (see Privacy & Cookie Policy for details). Activates voice chat, in-game text chat, and in-game email for player interaction. To deactivate, please use the player's configuration options and/or privacy settings. Links to adult-oriented web and social media sites. Game services from Google Play are integrated into the app. If you don't want your game progress shared with others, log out of Google Play Game Services before installing.

After providing 30 days' notice on, Electronic Arts has the right to discontinue online functionality.