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Nabi Software
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ربيع الثاني 30, 1444
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Android 5.0 +

Toribash Apk is not your typical fighter, and its "free battle" elements are unique. Due to its turn-based nature, this fighting game might be considered strategic. Here, players take charge of the ragdoll's different "joints" in an effort to do maximum harm to their foes. The gameplay's central concept is that players should have complete agency over their avatars and be able to take them in whatever direction they see fit.

About Toribash Apk

Toribash's main selling point is that it's a brutally challenging experience from start to finish. To begin with, players in multiplayer mode face up against other newcomers of similar skill levels; as they progress through the game, they face off against more advanced foes. The local forces are represented by a jumble of spherical and cuboid figures. There is 20 balls total, and each one stands in for a different set of articulations and muscles. You don't need any prior knowledge of fighting games to handle them well.

In this case, memorizing key combinations is unnecessary. Instead, the action is frozen while players choose spheres and instruct to proceed in one of two ways. How the action will unfold is shown by the phantom outline. Once the game restarts, the character does the prescribed actions for a little while before halting once again to allow for fine-tuning.

Knocking down an immovable opponent or injuring them without either of you hitting the ground is the major objective here, and it's exceedingly tough to do. The gameplay is separated into six different combat styles, including sumo and wushu, however, these differences have little effect on how the game is played. Instead, characteristics like gravity, ease of dismemberment, the time between pauses, and more are stored as presets inside styles.

Sumo, Kickboxing, and Judo are just a few of the combat disciplines practiced in Toribash. Toribash is entertaining until you get the hang of its vector-rendered 3D characters, severely restricted gameplay, and frustrating controls. To conduct an action, you'll first need to click on your boxer's body and then choose it from a menu.

When you win a match, you'll be rewarded with Toricredits, which can be used to buy new items for your character, participate in weekly tournaments, buy ranks in the leaderboard, or buy other players' defeats. charts.

What is Toribash Apk?

Toribash is a one-of-a-kind and inventive turn-based fighting game that faithfully recreates the thrill and intensity of an actual martial arts competition. The gameplay is complex and tough, but the visuals are basic yet effective. The product shines in competitive multiplayer settings, and there's a lot of room for exploration in terms of playstyle and strategy. The first version of the software for Windows and Mac OS X came out on December 21, 2006. The software was released on Valve Corporation's Steam digital distribution platform on December 5th, 2007. The software is exclusive since it is the only game that uses the Toribash physics engine.

Toribash Apk Features:


The game's visuals in Toribash are simple yet functional. Each character and setting is a high-quality 3D model with motion capture. The violence of the scene is enhanced by the realistic appearance of the matches and the blood and gore shown within. The visuals aren't state-of-the-art, but they're perfect for the kind of game that Toribash is. Although the app's visuals aren't anything special, the game itself doesn't need a powerful device to run. For people with less powerful computers, Engine's reduced processing requirements are a welcome bonus.


Toribash Apk has a turn-based format and a physics simulator. Joints allow players to move and rotate their characters in all directions. You may get a preview of your next move before you actually use it, and all of your actions have already been predetermined. The software offers both a solo experience and multiplayer battles. Toribash's free download has complex and difficult gameplay. The learning curve is severe since there are so many possible maneuvers and combat styles. When players master the controls, though, the game becomes very satisfying. The stakes are high, the action is thrilling, and the strategic options are almost limitless in a match. The game's gameplay is so fresh and difficult that it's constantly exciting to get into, and the robust online player base guarantees that there will always be someone to compete with. Different game modes and simple but effective visuals keep players engaged and prevent the game from becoming stale.


Toribash's free multiplayer mode is accessed through the game's server browser or a third-party server. A maximum of sixteen players can compete in a single game on a single computer. There are many other types of matches available, such as deathmatch, team deathmatch, and clan matches. Works well as a multiplayer game. The games are high-octane, high-stakes, and full of strategy. Due to the size and activity of the internet community, it is never difficult to find a compatible partner. Toribash's multiplayer mode is top-notch. There is a wide selection of play options, and the player base is both active and welcoming. The unusual gameplay makes playing against other players a lot of fun, and the game's multiplayer mode keeps things interesting.


The wide variety of playable combat techniques and moves in Toribash's free download makes for a lot of replay value. It's a fantastic game that players will enjoy for a long time due to the wide variety of available modifications and servers. The free play of Toribash has a lot of potential for repetition. There is a wide selection of game types to explore, and the physics-based gameplay encourages a lot of originality. Players may customize their characters with a wide range of clothes and bodily alterations, and they can even invent their own moves.