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The Happy Hills Homicide Apk -  A serial killer disguised as a clown kills his victims in creative and brutal ways in the Happyhills Homicide App. Each level of the game involves killing your target, which usually involves finding deadly weapons, infiltrating buildings, and punishing innocent victims. Your kills are greatly enhanced by the element of surprise, so you must not go unnoticed.

With its high-quality pixel animation, haunting soundtrack, and dark humor, it's a great game that only lasts an hour. In each level, there is a variety of gameplay that is not influenced by classic horror movies. Aside from being cool (and bloody), the deaths are also well-planned and well-executed.

A creepy little horror game where you have to kill your victims creatively and brutally in the style of an '80s slasher.

You play a 80's slasher movie-style serial killer in The Happyhills Homicide, where you must come up with creative (and brutal) ways to eliminate his victims.

About The Happy Hills Homicide Apk

As a serial killing clown, you must figure out a suitable way to kill your victims without getting caught in The Happyhills Homicide, which is currently in development by Copperbolt (creator of Whiskers and Vermination). For each level, you must find a weapon and other items that may aid your bloody rampage, and then sneak up on your target and kill them.

With the current build of The Happyhills Homicide, there are five levels, the first few of which are easy, but the last few require some thought to outsmart your victims. Each victim you dispatch is rewarded with a bit of comically brutal and bloody violence as you solve the puzzles.

The Happyhills Homicide has only a handful of levels at the moment, but it is already very enjoyable. This game has excellent pixel art animation, very creative dispatching of victims, and excellent audio design. There's something very unsettling about this movie, and if you're always rooting for the killer in slashers, you should definitely check it out!

What is The Happy Hills Homicide Apk?

A clown on a gruesome killing spree terrorizes players in the Happyhills Homicide Apk, a terrifying 2D stealth terror game inspired by 80s horror movies.

Playing as a serial killer disguised as a clown, you brutally kill your victims in The Happyhills Homicide. Each level of the game involves killing your target with deadly weapons, infiltrating buildings, and punishing your prey. Pulling this off requires a sense of surprise, although you should take care not to go unnoticed.

A gruesome, clownish serial killer must find the best, gruesome way to murder his victims without being noticed in The Happyhills Homicide, being developed by Copperbolt (creators of Whiskers and Termination). Each level requires you to find weapons and other items that will help you in your bloody attack. Once you've attacked the target, you must kill it.

Currently, there are five steps in the app. The first one is very simple, while the last one is more complex to eliminate its victims. You'll be rewarded with brawny brute force for every kill you complete, as the puzzles are simple yet imaginative.

The Happy Hills Homicide Apk Features:

  • The character is dressed as a carnival hero and utters ironic phrases.
  • Locations and secrets are revealed through lots of dialogue.
  • The same task can be completed in multiple ways.
  • Punch and scream your way to different targets.
  • Discovering secrets and hidden places through extensive exploration of vast spaces.

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